Steriliser Box Multi-function


UV Steriliser Box Sanitiser Disinfection Case for Jewellery Smart Phone Watch
Item Specifics:
Color: White&Black
Rated Voltage: DC 5V
Input Current: 1-2A
UV Light Power: 2x 1W
Max. Working Power: 9W
Material: Plastic + Electronic Components

1. UV Steriliser  Sterilisation Box
2. With big ultraviolet lamp from two sides, 360 degree sterilisation.
3. With USB outlet, sterilisation function is available while charge the mobile phone.
4. With Aroma function
5. With Big Capacity, suitable for most mobile phone, watch and jewellery.
6. With Smart dimension and 5V low voltage. Portable andSafe.
7. With wireless charging function

Disinfection duration:
Watch / Jewellery: 5 minutes
Phone / button / remote control: 10 minutes
Toothbrush / Tableware: 15 minutes

1. Connect the USB cable to the power supply and the right port of the device.
2. Open the lid of the sterilisation box, put the mobile phone, jewellery, watches and other items to be disinfected into the device, and then close the lid.
3. Press the button once to select the 5-minute disinfection time, and the red light flashes.
4. Press the button again to select the 10-minute disinfection time, and the green light flashes.
5. Press the button again to select the 15-minute disinfection time, and the blue light flashes.

1. After disinfection is complete, the indicator light will stop flashing.
2. You can open the lid and remove items during the disinfection process.
3. Once the lid is opened during disinfection, it will stop sterilising. You must close the lid again to set a new disinfection duration.
4. After opening the lid, the UV lamp inside the device will go out.
Package Included:
1 X UV Phone Steriliser
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X Manual