Modern Floor Lamp

Body Color
Color Temperature

Displaying true minimalism, the Simply Floor lamp is quite exquisite. A slim, tall free standing metal lamp providing a warm and effective light to the whole room. Creating a truly unbeatable ambience. A truly unique and modern floor lamp, family and friends will love it.

  • Height: 157cm / 62" - fits into small spaces providing vertical lighting
  • Minimalist and modern design
  • Lamp Material: Black Aluminium
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Energy Saving LED Power - low cost to run and eco-friendly
  • Floor foot switch
  • Light: 24 W LED
  • Height: 157cm / 62" - fits in small spaces
  • Color temperature: 3000k
  • Lumens output: 2322 lm
  • Lamp life: 25000 hours
  • Input voltage: 110-240V / 24W / 50Hz
  • Cord length: 120cm / 48"

The power adaptor is 110-240v suitable for worldwide use. Any plug adaptor will be suitable. No step up/down transformer required.