HYUNDAI Instant Electric Water Heater for Bathroom & Kitchen Intelligent Constant Temperature

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HYUNDAI Instant Electric Water Heater for Bathroom & Kitchen Intelligent Constant Temperature
Certification: CB
Certification: CCC
Certification: ce
Certification: GS
Storage / Tankless: Instant / Tankless
Power (W): 8000W
Capacity: DC water heater
Voltage (V): 220V
Housing Material: PVC anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant material
Style: Vertical
Control Mode: Microcomputer
Time to market: 2016
Installation: Wall Mounted
Energy Efficiency Grade: Grade Four
Model Number: HYUNDAI-SL-A3-80
Types of: Smart electric water heater
Product weight: 3.5kg
Product size: 398x255x65mm
Wire requirements: 4 square meters copper wire
Heating power: 8000W
Thermostat: Frequency conversion constant temperature
Features 1: IPX Level 4 waterproof
Features 2: Anti-electric wall protection
Features 3: Leakage self-test
Features 4: Over temperature protection
Features 5: 3 seconds quick heat

Types of :Smart electric water heater
Rated power :8000W
Rated voltage :220V/50Hz
Product weight :3.5kg
Product size :398x255x65mm
Wire requirements :4 square meters copper wire
Thermostat :Frequency conversion constant temperature
Features 1 :IPX Level 4 waterproof
Features 2 :Anti-electric wall protection
Features 3 :Leakage self-test
Features 4 :Over temperature protection
Features 5 :3 seconds quick heat

Smart instant water heater / Zero waiting in the bath

Instant heat / Cast aluminum heating element / Temperature sensor chip / Precise temperature control
Four seasons constant temperature / Intelligent frequency conversion / Energy saving
Multiple protection / Safe and worry-free / Smart touch / Simple to use

Instant heating in 3 seconds / 8000W cast aluminum heating element / Unlimited hot water, rapid heating

Thermal efficiency increase / Cold water flows through the extended heating tube
Multi-circle heating tube heats at the same time to improve efficiency

360° arbitrary installation / bathroom / bedroom / kitchen
 With backflow prevention technology / Allows the water heater to be installed at any angle

Intelligent power adjustment / Not afraid of cold in winter / Not afraid of being hot in summer

WATER TEMPERATURE STABILTY / Smart temperature sensor chip / 0.5℃ temperature difference
Keep the water temperature stable / Automatic constant temperature after setting temperature

Large screen touch / Intelligent operating system / Large screen temperature display

Insist on innovative technology / Safe water heater using new technology
Cast aluminum instant heating / Stronger and more thermally conductive

International brand quality / Safe bathing life / Multiple protection 
IPX Level 4 waterproof / Anti-electric wall protection / Leakage detection
Rapid temperature rise / Hydropower separation / Over temperature protection

Can start even with low water pressure / Run between 0.02Mpa~1.0Mpa
Suitable for bathroom, apartment,Various venues such as tall buildings

Electric water heater installation location / Check the location of the water pipe and power cord
Plan the length of the cold water pipe, the location and height of the shower

Water heater location,power cord location, tap water pipe location
Mark the installation location according to your requirements

8000W voltage copper wire requires standard 2.5mm² copper core wire
Meter requirements: 8000W≥10(40)A, main switch: ≥60A, sub switch: ≥60A
Water pressure requirements: This is a DC water heater
The water pressure directly depends on the water pressure of the home
If the water flow is small, a booster pump can be added

1. Single copper core wire / Standard 6mm² copper core wire / 2.78mm in diameter
2. Soft copper / Standard 4mm² copper core wire / 2.2mm in diameter
3. Single copper core wire / Standard 2.5mm² copper core wire / 1.78mm in diameter