Disinfection Machine for Garden



Name: Portable Irrigation Atomizer Rated power: 1200W; box volume: 4.5L Spray range: 8-10 meters; dispensing volume: 150-260ml / min
1. The air filter should be cleaned for 20-30 hours of operation. 2. After use, pour clean water in the cabinet, and clean it after being turned on for 2-3 minutes with spray. 3. After use, unplug the power supply to prevent danger. 4.The whole machine should be stored in a cool and dry place and kept in a packing box to keep it clean.
Operation in use:
Do not exceed the tick mark when adding liquids. To prevent overflow, when stopping spraying, close the liquid regulating valve before shutting down. After the operation is completed, before storing, in addition to emptying the residual oil in the liquid tank, it should be thoroughly cleaned. The metal parts should be coated with rust-proof oil and then stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.